In a fast-changing Real Estate career environment where individuals are swamped with qualifying and compliance criteria, Susan Kruger – Compliance Realtor will assist you by being your fully qualified and duly registered principal and mentor while guiding you from internship to fully qualified principal. Mentoring, coaching, training and facilitating on an on-going basis is supplied in a tailor-made proven recipe.


Skills Training

Susan has experience in various fields of real estate and offers up to 40 separate training modules.

By combining these modules, she facilitates intern induction, logbook preparation workshops and advance skills training – preparing the individual from “rookie” right up to principal skills.

Her training modules are also applicable for full status agents’ CPD non-verifiable training points and necessary certificates and proof of training is provided. Training can be attended via personal training sessions, webinars or other distance learning solutions.

NQF Training

Susan Kruger is a fully qualified and registered facilitator and constituent assessor with the Services Seta for FETC Real Estate NQF4 and NC Real Estate NQF5.

She holds service level agreements with Services Seta accredited training service providers for FETC Real Estate NQF4 and NC Real Estate NQF5 Full training and RPL.

Her track records speaks for itself and she has been successful in guiding more than 300 interns through official training in order for them to obtain their qualifications.


Most people entering the lucrative real estate industry has challenges to open real estate companies.  Even highly qualified individuals, without the specific real estate qualification and registrations, will only be able to act as principals after a minimum of 18 months since registering at the EAAB.

Susan will act as your principal and mentor during this period and will guide you every step of the way. During this period Susan will assist you legally and fully compliantly, adhering to all the statutory requirements set by different statutory bodies as required by law.

With decades of experience in the real estate field, she has a vast knowledge about the industry and is always up to date  with new developments in an every changing environment.  Susan will assist you with statutory & compliance issues and liaise with statutory bodies to ensure your compliance.

Susan will, on your behalf, liaise with EAAB and FIC and assist you in all relevant issues namely registering at the EAAB, obtaining your FFC, renewing your FFC, assisting with CPD registrations, assisting with disqualification issues, Section 27 Applications, educational queries, audit report enquiries and many more.


Susan can assist you in the following instances:

  • If you are an Intern agent without a principal;
  • If your principal is too busy;
  • If your principal is otherwise occupied or not present / available

In the following ways:

  • Urgent assistance when drawing up legal documentation as required by law;
  • The signing-off of legal documentation by a principal;
  • Assisting the Intern and Firm to stay within the legal requirements;
  • On-going logbook / Internship mentoring

Being a fully qualified and registered principal, Susan can legally act as your mentor.


Susan Kruger is a constituent facilitator and assessor registered with the Services Seta to assess FETC Real Estate NQF4 and NC Real Estate NQF5. She facilitates FETC Real Estate NQF4 and NC Real Estate NQF5 courses, both through RPL and Full Training. She has a knack of guiding uncertain learners through the process which can be daunting without proper guidance.

She has the knowledge and experience to practically map the processes for the learner to fully understand the process and completing it without unnecessary stress. She has a history of success with some RPL candidates being able to complete their Portfolios of Evidence in as little as two weeks. She has endless patience and compassion for people and will go to many lengths to guide learners through the process.